The Candida Diet

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A Candida Diet is a cleansing diet meant to eliminate excess Candida Albicans yeast from the body. Common symptoms of yeast overgrowth include: recurring yeast infections, depression, gas and bloating, joint pain, fatigue and many more.

My name is Whitney Frazier and my battle with Candida started in 2006 when I was put on a strict yeast free diet due to symptoms that I now know were caused by too much Candida yeast. Since that time I have been sharing my experience, tips, and recipes with thousands of people from all over the world who are going through similar struggles with Candida overgrowth.

On this site you will find a step-by-step guide for starting the Candida cleansing diet, including my free online Candida test, an outline of what foods to eat and which ones you want to avoid and my cookbook of yeast free recipes that I still use to this day whenever I do the cleanse. Get started below:

Step 1:Testing for Yeast

Candida Test

Step 2: Yeast Free Recipes

Yeast Free Recipes

Step 3: The Candida Diet

Candida Diet

The secret to a successful Candida yeast cleanse is in the meal planning.

Finding the right recipes that follow all the rules of a yeast free diet can be a challenge! Without a meal plan you are left to spend hours sorting through and modifying existing recipes or worse getting into a rut eating the same meals day in and day out.

Save time and money with the Candida Diet Cookbook & Meal Planning Guide

  • Packed full of delicious recipes that are designed to meet the guidelines of the anti Candida diet.
  • Tools for tracking your progress on the diet and staying motivated.
  • All my tips and tricks based on years of research and experience with yeast free eating.
  • Money saving links to online resources for yeast free eating.

I have taken all my favorite recipes, time saving tips and money saving links to special resources and packed them all together with the sole purpose of helping you to yeast free success. These are the tools, resources and recipes I use whenever I do the cleanse, in fact I wouldn't even attempt it without this cookbook and guide. Save yourself some money and a ton of time by grabbing this resource BEFORE you start the diet. Get it here.

About the Author:

Whitney Frazier has been writing about yeast related issues since 2006 and has had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world in the search for natural health and wellness solutions.